How to make Good Coffee

How to make Good Coffee

October 28, 2017

Our capsules make an Espresso style coffee, just like the coffee machines in cafes. Espresso is created by pushing hot water through fresh ground coffee under pressure. It grabs all the flavour by dissolving the coffee solids and emulsifying the natural oils. The Espresso extraction thickens the body of the coffee and is topped off by a distinctive layer of crema. It delivers an intensive flavour that is robust and balanced but not bitter.

An Espresso shot is about 30-40mls of coffee. The optimal pour time is around 25 seconds allowing the water to extract just the right amount of flavours from the coffee grinds.

Our blends are specifically designed to make a full flavoured Espresso shot every time in your Nespresso® machine.

"With coffee less is more. Use the short pour button to get the best flavours"

A good Espresso pour is shaped like a mouse tail and is a dark brown hazel nut colour.

A deep rich crema is the signature of Espresso. Crema attaches to taste buds providing a long after-taste.

Types of Espresso 

To get an Espresso pour use the short 40ml Espresso button on your machine.

Espresso: a single "shot". One capsule extracted using the Espresso button.

Double Espresso: To create a double shot Espresso, pour an Espresso shot, eject the capsule, insert a fresh one and repeat the Espresso pour.

Ristretto: a very short "restricted" shot. uMilk model machines have a Ristretto option. On other machines, start the Espresso pour and stop it after 10-15mls have been extracted.

Espresso Lungo: a "long" shot. 60-90mls of water extracted through one capsule. Every Nespresso® machine has a Lungo option. Pro Tip: With coffee, less is more. The best flavours are extracted in the first 30-40mls of the pour. In New Zealand, it's common to use the long pour however for some people the taste will be bitter, this is due to 'over extraction'.

How we make our coffees in New Zealand

There are many ways to make a good coffee. The most important method is the one that tastes good for you. Here we define the common cafe style coffees and give advice on how to make them with your Nespresso® machine.

Short Black: is an Espresso shot coffee.

Long Black: An Espresso shot with hot water added to taste. Pro tip: add the hot water to the cup first and then pour the Espresso shot. This will retain the rich thick crema. For an intense long black use a double Espresso or Ristretto shot. Using the long 110ml pour button on your Nespresso® machine is definitely an option.

Flat White: An Espresso shot with around 150ml of milk poured straight from your Aerochinno® milk frother. Pro tip: take the round spring off the 'whizzer' inside your Aerochinno® - this will stretch the milk rather than froth it.

Cappuccino: One part Espresso, one part hot milk, one part frothed milk. Pro Tip: Spoon the froth into the cup and then top up by pouring the hot milk from the Aerochinno®.

Cafe Latte: One part Espresso, two parts hot milk, one part frothed milk. Pro Tip: Pour the milk from the Aerochinno® using a spoon to hold back the froth then spoon in the froth to top it off.

"For a larger coffee with milk- try using a double shot"

Cafe Mocha (Mochaccino): One Espresso coffee shot plus a Hot Chocolate capsule made using the Espresso pour. Add hot milk and foam to taste. Pro Tip: try using an Espresso coffee shot with hot chocolate milk.

Espresso Macchiato: an Espresso shot with a dash of foamed milk.

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