Getting the Best Out of Your Coffee Machine

Getting the Best Out of Your Coffee Machine

March 20, 2018 1 Comment

There is nothing better than starting each day with a good coffee. Coffee capsules are super popular because they make what is quite a complicated process really easy. In this blog, we look into the four ingredients to a really nice tasting cup of coffee; the coffee, the capsule, the machine and the person who makes the coffee.

The coffee and the capsule

When you shop at Coffee Capsules 2U you know that Patrick and Louise are going hard out to take care of the first two ingredients for you. Our coffee blends are specifically designed, roasted and packed by experts in a leading facility in Australia. Our capsules are a leading global technology engineered to keep the coffee grinds fresh and to be compatible with all Nespresso® machines. You can read more about our coffee.

The machine

Coffee capsules are made using the espresso pour. That’s hot water pushed through the coffee grinds under pressure. Your coffee machine does a great job creating good tasting coffee every time. They do appreciate a bit of TLC so here are all the pro tips on how to look after your Nespresso® machine.

When Making Your Coffee

Before you start making coffee, flush some hot water through the machine and into your cup (i.e. without a capsule in the machine). Swill it around, warm your cup up and then tip it out.

Make your coffee to your preferred taste.

When you are done, flush some more hot water through the machine into another cup. That'll clean out any coffee residue.

Clean anything that contains milk after every use. For taste and hygiene reasons you really don't want to be crying over spilled milk. This is really important for the aerochinno® so that you don’t get milk burnt onto the bottom.

Regular Maintenance

Clean the drip tray and capsule holder each time that you empty out the used capsules. Putting them in with your dish washer is a great idea.

Cleaning Your Machine

Run a cleaning cycle through the machine (called 'descaling') when you've used around 300 capsules.

The easiest way to learn how to do this is to google “descale” and your machine model name. There are some great videos out there that are really easy to follow.

We are working with a New Zealand manufacturer to develop a cleaning solution that is non-toxic and bio-based. We expect to release this later in 2018.

You'll notice when you run the cleaning cycle that the water is quite brown. That's coffee residue, it's organic so it goes off and makes your coffee taste yucky. Most people notice a change in coffee taste after cleaning their machine.

We recommend using an old tooth brush to gently scrub the channel where the capsules are placed into the machine. This will clear any coffee residue and ensure that you capsule passes through the machine correctly.

The Person Making Your Coffee

You are the fourth ingredient to good coffee and perhaps the most important. Learning how to use your machine to create the best tasting coffee is a lot of fun. Without doubt, the more coffee that you make the better that you get. You can learn more by watching our video How to Make Good Coffee.

We are here to help

The beauty of capsule coffee is that it is convenient and easy to make really good coffee. If you need any help or have any questions about making your coffee please contact us and we’ll be delighted to help.

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David Lashlie
David Lashlie

April 16, 2019

Hey Patrick & Louise!

Just placed my first order & I can’t wait to give your pods a go in my wee Tauranga gym!

Quick question about machine setup – I can set the pour length on my machine, ideally, what sort of volume should I be aiming for? 30ml?

Cheers, Dave.

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