About Us

So what’s our story?

We are a small Kiwi company that has found the best Nespresso® compatible capsule available. It comes from Australia. We’ve turned it into a good Kiwi story.

Small Kiwi company - High quality good tasting coffeeLatest capsule technologyLeading Australian supplier

What makes us different?

Coffee that is good, real good, poured from the best capsule technology. 

We’ve added the things that Kiwis want to see. Good things like;

Why choose us?

We all like things that are good, and simple, that work.

We've sourced coffee that tastes good from a capsule that works everytime. When you pick up a Coffee Capsules 2U capsule you are saying “yes” to a lot more. You become part of some cool stuff that shows you care about New Zealand.

Patrick and Louise

Coffee Capsules 2U is Patrick and Louise based in Warkworth. In a food system dominated by global corporates we are a refreshingly simple Kiwi orientated business. We genuinely care about New Zealanders and your experience with us. Our idea is pretty simple; source good coffee, keep the operations very lean and charge the fair-go price. Pretty easy really! 

Small Kiwi company

We want to offer every Kiwi a good alternative to Nespresso®. We also want to do heaps more than that. We want to take a different approach and do some real good.

We put you first. It's important to us that you like your coffee and feel good about drinking it. We listen to what you say; we are guided by you. People love our prompt friendly service - check out our customer reviews. Our authentic straight up approach is the way we like to do things here in New Zealand. Back to top of page

High quality good tasting coffee

Getting a good tasting coffee from a coffee capsule is both an art and a science. Our coffee is blended and roasted by expert roasters to produce consistently good coffee for every capsule.

High quality beans, expertly roasted, packed into the latest technology capsule using state of the art machinery. We make it easy to get fresh coffee every day; no matter what Nespresso® machine you use. Back to top of page

Latest capsule technology

Our capsule offers a massive leap ahead; it looks choice and goes good in every machine. The coffee in your cup is as fresh as the day it was roasted. Each capsule is packed using state of the art machinery under strictly controlled conditions. With every capsule you get

  • Next Generation Capsule Design - ergonomically engineered for improved compatibility and extraction.

  • Optimum Freshness - each capsule is nitrogen flushed and provides the best oxygen barrier for an extended shelf life.

  • Food Safe capsules - both BPA and epoxy derivative free.

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Leading Australian supplier

We'd love to have a New Zealand made capsule option but there isn't one. Finding the right supplier meant jumping the ditch and seeing what the Aussies were doing.

Coffee Capsules 2U is a leading Australian distributor of Nespresso® compatible capsules. We chose them as they get really good coffee, in a really good capsule at a really good price. Once we'd signed the deal, we said “thanks Cuz, we’ll take it from here”. And set about adding the Kiwi bits. Back to top of page

Pricing from 50 cents per capsule 

We believe in keeping it simple. Source the best coffee, charge the right price. We spend money on high quality coffee beans. We cut out corporate costs, marketing budgets and expensive middle men.

We believe in offering the best price every day. That’s why we don’t do promotional discounts.

Members of our club get a lifetime discount code to use with every purchase. We don’t have to pay to advertise to club members so we give that money back to you as a discount. Back to top of page

Fast personalised service

We genuinely care about your experience with us. That’s no hollow promise, that’s hard yakka.

Fast. We pack your coffee on the day that you order. With twice daily courier pickups we get your coffee on its way pretty pronto.

Personal. When you ring Patrick he’ll answer. Send him an email or message and he’ll reply in person. We include a handwritten note with your order. And we send personalised emails to ask you how your coffee is going.

Service. Old fashioned values, common courtesies. We respect that you choose to shop with us. We do all that we can to help make your experience with us a good one. Back to top of page

We let good coffee do all the talking

We believe that the true judge of a coffee’s taste and quality is you. It really is all about personal taste. That’s why our blends have a practical name (we label them as intensity out of 10).

We are pretty straight up. We know that New Zealanders see straight through fancy marketing speak. In our culture, if we can get an "it's good mate" then that'll probably do it. So we choose to use plain language and let our coffee do the talking. Back to top of page

Benefits for club members

Save money. When you join our club you immediately get a discount code to use with every purchase.

It's easy. Enjoy personalised menus and easy check out every time that you shop.

Go good. We keep going hard out to turn good ideas into real things that benefit you. Club members are the first to know when they are ready. Back to top of page

Return and Recycle

Like you, we care about New Zealand. We all get that changes will come in how we manage our waste, our water and what comes off our farms. Regardless of whether you take the option to Return and Recycle, when you shop with us you are part of the solution.

We use a bit more of the “yeah yeah” and a lot less of the “nah nah” to compost the coffee and turn the plastic into lightweight bricks. Ourselves. By hand. Right here in Warkworth, Aotearoa.

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Shipping Fee Guide

Free shipping on your first purchase. No minimum quantity.

Free shipping on all orders of 120 capsules or more.

New Zealand wide shipping rates for orders under 120 capsules;

Metro Areas: Auckland $5.00, North Island $5.50, South Island $7.50

Rural Areas: Auckland $7.50, North Island $9.50, South Island $11.00

For Warkworth locals

Warkworth Metro and collect from the Warkworth Butchery: Free

Sandspit, Snells, Algies, Matakana, Pt Wells, Omaha, Leigh: $5.00

Rural Addresses: $7.50