Warkworth Locals: Hot Chocolate

Box Size

Hot Chocolate from Nespresso® Compatible Capsules packed in boxes of 10 capsules.

Blended from the finest ingredients this smooth, creamy, velvety chocolate just melts in the mouth. The only disappointing thing about our Hot Chocolate is that one is just not enough.

How to make the perfect milk chocolate drink

For the best flavour use the Espresso (40ml) setting on your Nespresso® machine.

  1. Run your machine for 3 seconds without your chocolate pod.
  2. Add the capsule to your machine.
  3. Extract 40ml of hot chocolate.
  4. Add cold of frothed milk to taste.

Why not try a Mocca?

Use one coffee capsule and one chocolate capsule (40ml extraction per capsule) in the same cup and add cold or frothed milk to desired taste.

Shipping (per order)

Collect from Warkworth Butchery: Free

Home Delivery: $5.00

Rural Addresses: $7.50