Decaffeinated Blend | Nespresso Compatible Capsules

30 Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules packed in three boxes of 10 capsules.

Intensity: 5

Origins: 100% Colombian Arabica

Roast: Medium

Tasting Notes: Full Bodied, Smooth and Balanced

Decaffeinated Using Chemical Free Swiss Water Method

The Blend, The Roast

Our roasters have taken this 100% decaf blend of Colombian Arabica and produced a rounded smooth coffee that just oozes quality. Medium roasted to develop the sweet, floral and fruity tones synonymous with Arabica and delivered with balanced acidity. Free from the harsher jagged edges of darker roasts, decaf offers a smooth full flavoured coffee that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Decaffeination Method

This coffee has been decaffeinated using the chemical free Swiss Water Method.

The residual caffeine content is 1-2% of the original caffeine levels.

Why You’ll Like This Coffee

Our Decaf is the champagne of coffee. Speciality grade Colombian Arabica perfectly roasted to bring out the flavours that will delight the senses.

The best way to drink Decaf is throughout the day. Enjoy a full flavoured coffee without the caffeine follow through.

Interesting Facts

Colombia, with its perfect terrain and climate, is one of the only countries that produce 100% arabica beans. Arabica is widely considered to be the superior bean and is known to offer a sweeter and lighter taste with stronger acidic notes.