60 Capsule Starter Pack | Compostable Nespresso Compatible Capsules

The Starter Pack contains a 10 capsule box of each of our five coffee blends + an additional lucky dip selection 10 capsule pack.

60 capsules for $39.00 - that's 65 cents per capsule!

+ Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules 

+ A Range Of High Quality Coffee Blends Roasted By Experts

+ Fast Delivery From A Kiwi Owned & Operated Company

+ Our capsules are certified as bio-based and industrially compostable.

Our Blends

Our coffee is roasted and packed in Australia using imported coffee beans.

Each of our blends is labelled as an intensity out of 12.

Blend 5: Smooth, Balanced and Chocolaty

Blend 5 is designed for the discerning coffee drinker. A 100% Arabica blend that is both smooth and flavour-some. Ideal for short or long black; the subtle notes are maintained when milk is added.

Blend 7: Earthy, Bold and Spicy

A strong roast that offers a full coffee flavour without the heavier tones of darker roasts. The 'dark chocolate' and 'spicy' notes" can be enjoyed as an espresso shot, long black or with added milk. Try a double shot to really understand the full flavours offered by this blend.

Blend 9: Full bodied, Powerful and Creamy

A dark roasted Arabica / Robusta blend from a roaster at the top of their game. Every capsule is packed full of flavour delivering a powerful coffee topped off with a deep rich crema. Blend 9 is best served using the Espresso (40ml) setting on your Nespresso® machine.

Blend 10: Intense, Dynamic and Spicy

You’ll immediately sense the big, heavy undertones that dominate the taste profile. That’s the very dark roasted Robusta bean giving maximum intensity and flavour to this Robusta / Arabica blend.

Blend 12: Bold, Intense, Powerful

Blend 12 is designed to set your senses alight. The aromatics, the sensory taste experience, the full bodied mouth feel and the lingering after tones all point the dial at maximum intensity.