Caramel Blend | Nespresso Compatible Capsules

30 Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules packed in three boxes of 10 capsules.

Strength: 4/10.

Tasting Notes: Take your Nespresso® machine in a new direction. Enjoy the underlying taste of smooth medium intensity roasted coffee balanced with sweet rich caramel tones. At it's best with hot milk added, Caramel is a popular alternative to the pure coffee options.

Origins: Colombia, Brazil. Flavours and Sweetener (955) are added for the caramel taste.

The capsule is made from BPA-free plastic with aluminium foil lidding.

How To Make The Perfect Caramel Coffee Drink

To get the full caramel flavours use the Espresso (40ml) setting on your Nespresso machine.

  1. Run Your Machine For 3 Seconds Without Your Caramel Pod
  2. Add The Capsule To Your Machine
  3. Extract 40ml Of Caramel Blend
  4. Add Hot Frothed Milk To Taste

The Caramel Blend

- Coffee Origins: Colombia And Brazil

- Roasted, Ground And Packed Into Capsules In Australia

- Flavours And Sweetener (955) Added For The Caramel Taste