Return and Recycle Option: Warkworth Local

The decision to recycle your pods is a matter of personal choice. We make it really easy for you to recycle your used coffee capsules. Even better, it's a completely free service.

It's simple! When you have finished your coffee give your used capsules back to us and we'll re-use and recycle everything. 

This is how simple it is to recycle

  1. Simply open up your Coffee Capsules 2U package and enjoy your coffee.
  2. Put the spent capsules in a plastic shopping bag.
  3. When you've finished your coffee you can drop the capsules in the bin at Central Landscaping Supplies, 25 Morrison Drive.
  4. Or just give them to Patrick next time he delivers your coffee.

    How we recycle your capsules

    1. Any paper or card packaging is recycled
    2. The return courier bag and any other soft plastics are put into the soft plastic recycling initiative.
    3. The coffee is mechanically separated from the plastic capsule and composted. The compost is used by Patrick and Louise on their Warkworth lifestyle block.
    4. The plastic and aluminium foil that make up the capsules is ground into an aggregate that is used in the making of lightweight bricks. This innovative process is at the cutting edge of plastics waste management.

    Coffee makes great compost

    By all means, scrape out the coffee for your own compost and just drop off the empty capsules and packaging.

    We can recycle any coffee capsules 

    If you have a stock of coffee pods from another brand, no problem, send them back to us and we'll recycle them too.