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The decision to recycle your pods is a matter of personal choice. That's why we offer it as an option when you check out. We help you make sure that everything from your coffee purchase gets put to good use.  

It's simple! When you opt to Return and Recycle we ask you to pay a contribution towards a prepaid return courier ticket that we send to you with your order. That starts from as little as $5.50 for people in the Auckland metropolitan area.

We charge for the Return part of our recycle option to reflect the true cost of shipping. We'll definitely keep doing the Recycle bit as a free service because we believe that it is important for businesses to take responsibility for their packaging.

When you have finished your coffee send your used capsules back to us and we'll re-use and recycle everything. This offer is available anywhere in New Zealand. 

It's easy to Return and Recycle

  1. When you unwrap your Coffee Capsules 2U package there will be a return courier bag and ticket inside - keep that safe
  2. Enjoy your coffee
  3. Put your used capsules in a plastic container or shopping bag
  4. Please try to give the capsules a chance to dry ***
  5. Once dry, put the capsules into the courier bag and seal it up
  6. Attach the return courier label
  7. Go online or call 0800 268 743 to arrange a Courier Post pick up

*** Please try to dry your capsules first.

After making a coffee, the grinds in the capsule will be quite damp.  If they're dry when you return them, the weight of used and dry capsules is about the same as the new ones. That means Courier Post don't charge extra to ship them back. Plus the lighter capsule requires less energy for the return journey. And parcels that drip make the job harder for the good folk at Courier Post.

Some ways to speed up the drying process

  1. Use the coffee grinds yourself:  Feel free to scrape it out for your own compost and send us the empty capsule. It only takes a couple of seconds to do and it's great for the garden.
  2. Use solar power: Throw used capsules into a container and leave in direct sunlight for a few days
  3. Pat dry: If you're so inclined, leave capsules upside down on a paper towel, tea-towel or other absorbent surface for a day or so until the water drains out.
  4. The long dry: Bag up your used capsules and leave them to dry in an out of the way but ventilated place for 3-4 weeks.

    How we recycle your capsules

    1. Any paper or card packaging is recycled
    2. The return courier bag and any other soft plastics are put into the soft plastic recycling initiative.
    3. The coffee is mechanically separated from the plastic capsule and composted. The compost is used by Patrick and Louise on their Warkworth lifestyle block.
    4. The plastic and aluminium foil that make up the capsules is ground into an aggregate that is used in the making of lightweight bricks. This innovative process is at the cutting edge of plastics waste management.

    Why we can only recycle CC2U Capsules

    We recycle CC2U capsules as we know exactly what they are made up of. We've done a lot of testing to see how they react in the concrete mix.

    At this stage of development, we cannot accept any other types of coffee capsules.

    Create a community initiative. Collect all your Coffee Capsules 2U capsules together as a group, arrange the shipping back to us yourselves and save money!


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