Intensity 7 - Bold | Compostable Nespresso Compatible Capsules

30 Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules packed in three boxes of 10 capsules.

Strength: 7/12

Origins: India, Brazil

Roast: Medium to Dark

Tasting Notes: Earthy, Bold and Spicy.

Compost: Our capsules are certified as bio-based and industrially compostable.

The Blend, The Roast

Blend 7 introduces Indian Robusta to our range. Known as a premium Robusta which allows the roast to go that little bit harder. When blended with Brazilian Arabica Blend 7 offers a medium to strong intensity coffee that is full of flavour.

Indian Robusta is widely used in Espresso coffee. A longer roast caramelises the bean's natural sugars and oils to reveal a less acidic coffee with more sweetness. Brazilian coffee is soft, nutty, with low acidity, and offers a nice bittersweet chocolate taste.

Blend 7 is a clever design where the new (coffee) world meets the old. Indian Robusta allows the roaster to develop the full body and intensity of the Robusta bean that provides the bold and earthy base to each cup. Sprinkle on top the spicy tones of a classic Brazilian Arabica that have been allowed to draw out in the roast.

Why You'll Like This Coffee

The Blend 7 experience starts at your machine. You'll sense the chocolaty aroma as the coffee's full flavour is extracted into every cup. The fruity and bright spicy tones are retained by the medium roast that produces the full body and deep rich crema of a high quality espresso.

The best way to drink Blend 7 is as a flat white. Find your perfect espresso pour and add some warmed milk.

Blend 7 can also be enjoyed as a short or long black.

For a taste sensation, try a double shot with milk.

Interesting Facts

Robusta coffee plants grow at lower levels than Arabica and can better withstand unfriendly weather and plant pests. They are little bit tougher, have double the caffeine level and are more grunty than their Arabica cousin.



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