Intensity 12 - Kickstarter | Compostable Nespresso Compatible Capsules

30 Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules packed in three boxes of 10 capsules.

Strength: 12

Origins: South America, India

Roast: Very Dark

Tasting Notes: Bold, Intense, Powerful

Compost: Our capsules are certified as bio-based and industrially compostable.

The Blend, The Roast

Blend 12 shouts out everything that makes up a good coffee. The individual characteristics of the coffee bean's origin, the balance of the blend, flavours developed in the roast, the grind designed for maximum extraction. With Blend 12 the indicators all point north as we offer our most intense taste profile yet.

Blend 12 is a specifically selected mix of Indian Robusta coupled with Arabica beans from South America. These beans offer a vibrancy of flavours designed to be enhanced in the very dark roast.

The very dark roasting process pushes the transformation of the bean to the limits and starts to break down the plant fibres in the bean. This adds the raisin and spicy oak flavour notes that are characterised as 'dry distillation' flavours.

The result is a coffee where the roast character is dominant. The big heavy undertones of the Robusta bean coupled with the flavoursome aromatics of the Arabica extract as an intense and lingering taste profile.

Why You'll Like This Coffee

Blend 12 is designed to set your senses alight. The aromatics, the sensory taste experience, the full bodied mouth feel and the lingering after tones all point the dial at maximum intensity.

The best way to drink Blend 12 is often.

Enjoy all the intensity and flavour as a short or long black.

Blend 12 also makes a full flavoured coffee with milk.

Interesting Facts

The caffeine content in coffee diminishes in the roast. However, very dark roasted coffee contains less moisture and is lighter, therefore it takes more coffee to make up the same fill weight as a lighter roast. As a result, caffeine content is pretty much the same across all of our coffee blends.



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