Intensity 10 - Intense | Compostable Nespresso Compatible Capsules

30 Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules packed in three boxes of 10 capsules.

Strength: 10/12

Origins: Brazil, India

Roast: Very Dark

Tasting Notes: Intense, Dynamic, Spicy

Compost: Our capsules are certified as bio-based and industrially compostable.

The Blend, The Roast

When asked about the characteristics of the blend and roasting behind Blend 10, our roaster replied, "maximum Robusta content, maximum roast". Blend 10 is the embodiment of what the very dark roast does to the flavour of the coffee bean.

Start with premium Indian Robusta, as much as is possible, to give the roast some big meaty natural elements to work with. Add Brazilian Arabica, a high quality bean providing the balance of flavour.

With very dark roasts it's all about the crack. Roasters listen for the first crack, when the bean gives off its moisture, and then the second crack (at around 225oc) as the cell structure in the bean starts to carbonise (burn!).

Blend 10's very dark roasted beans lose their original flavours and take on the flavour from the roasting process. The coffee has a smoky perhaps even slightly burnt taste. Bittersweet flavours are prominent. The coffee has a spicy aromatic note delivering strong flavours that can have an almost warming effect.

Why You'll Like This Coffee

Blend 10 offers an in-cup experience that is very intense. The blend and the roast are designed specifically to play havoc with your senses from the moment you lift the cup to your mouth.

The best way to drink Blend 10 is first thing in the morning.

Try it as an espresso or long black for flavour that will linger through the morning.

The taste profile will carry through to make a full flavoured flat white.

Interesting Facts

Very dark roasting is an art, an expression of the roasters ability to put their own stamp on the flavour of the coffee bean. If a very dark roast is allowed to progress much further the coffee will literally go up in flames.



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