60 Caramel Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules

60 Caramel flavoured Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules packed in boxes of 10.

Strength: Intensity 4 out of 10.

Tasting Notes: Take your Nespresso® machine in a new direction. The underlying taste of roasted coffee is delicately balanced with the sweet rich caramel tones. At it's best with hot milk added, Caramel is a popular alternative to the pure coffee options.

Origins: Colombia, Brazil. Flavours and Sweetener (955) are added for the caramel taste.

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Coffee Capsules 2U is an innovative, customer focused, kiwi owned company.

We are here to make it easy for New Zealand coffee capsule drinkers to go good. Our commitment to our customers is to provide good coffee that’s good value. To offer really good service and put in place good processes that reduce the impact of coffee capsules on the planet.

Customer Reviews

 "Thanks for the amazing coffee, I'll definitely be buying more. I have already run out of the caramel it that good"

"We are loving the capsules! I particularly love the caramel. So much cheaper than the others and your caramel one tastes like caramel"

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