Full Flavoured Decaffeinated Blend

  • Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules packed in boxes of 10 capsules.

    Full Bodied, Smooth and Balanced. Our Decaf blend will pleasantly surprise as a fully rounded smooth coffee that just oozes quality.

    Decaf has an intensity of 5/10. Enjoy a sweet, floral and fruity coffee with balanced acidity.

    100% Arabica beans sourced from Colombia.

  • Our coffee is decaffeinated using the chemical free Swiss Water Method. The residual caffeine content in the coffee is 1-2% of the original caffeine levels.


"I love the coffee! The decaf is best I've ever had!"

"The decaf is delicious.  Best one I've had in the nespresso range"

"Of all the decaffeinated capsules we have tried the ones we purchased from you leave all the others way behind"

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