The Perfect Espresso Shot


This is the second of our five part Secret To Good Coffee series.

When we walk into a café in New Zealand and order a coffee, the barista will make it using an espresso shot. That’s hot water pushed through fresh ground coffee under pressure. Our favourite coffee is a personal touch of morning happiness. With our capsules you bring the excitement of espresso coffee into your kitchen.

When hot water hits the coffee grounds, it grabs all the flavour by dissolving the coffee solids and emulsifying the natural oils. The Espresso extraction thickens the body of the coffee and is topped off by a distinctive layer of crema. It delivers an intensive flavour that is robust and balanced but not bitter.

An Espresso shot yields about 30-40mls of coffee. The optimal pour time is around 25 seconds allowing the water to extract just the right amount of flavours from the coffee grinds.

Our blends are specifically designed to make a full flavoured Espresso shot every time in your Nespresso machine.

Discovering your perfect espresso is all about finding the right balance between the coffee in your capsule and the amount of water you pour through it.

With coffee less is more. The perfect espresso shot will deliver the best flavours

Types of Espresso

Your coffee machine has standard settings to create an espresso shot. You can adjust the setting on each button to lock in the perfect espresso for you.

Espresso: a single "shot". One capsule extracted using the Espresso button.

Double Espresso: To create a double shot Espresso, pour an Espresso shot, eject the capsule, insert a fresh one and repeat the Espresso pour.

Ristretto: a very short "restricted" shot. uMilk model machines have a Ristretto option. On other machines, start the Espresso pour and stop it after 10-15mls have been extracted.

Espresso Lungo: a "long" shot. 60-90mls of water extracted through one capsule. Every Nespresso machine has a Lungo option.

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