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Coffee Capsules 2U Compostable Capsules offer you an easy step towards a better environment and a more sustainable future.

From Cup to Compost the Circle is Complete. Cleverly made from 100% bio-based materials, our Certified Compostable Capsules are designed to deliver our tasty coffee blends. Then, treated correctly they breakdown to produce compost to feed New Zealand’s soils in our horticulture and forestry industries.

You can easily ensure your used coffee capsules find the right place to do their composting thing. With our no fuss return to base system “Courier & Compost” simply send your used pods back to us and they’ll be feeding the kiwifruit vines in no time.

To get the ball rolling and be part of something good we recommend trying a Sampler Pack.



Complete The Circle With Coffee Capsules 2U Compostable Pods