Section - Coffee Descriptions and Capsule

About Our Coffee

Our Blends are labelled as an intensity out of 10.

Blend 5: Smooth, balanced and chocolaty

A 100% Arabica blend that is both smooth and flavour-some. Ideal for short or long black; the subtle notes are maintained when milk is added.

Blend 7: Earthy, bold and spicy

A full flavoured coffee without the heavier tones of darker roasts. The 'dark chocolate' and 'spicy' notes" can be enjoyed as an espresso shot, long black or with added milk.

Blend 9: Full bodied, powerful and creamy

A dark roasted Arabica / Robusta blend from a roaster at the top of their game. Every capsule is packed full of flavour delivering a powerful coffee topped off with a deep rich crema.

Blend 10: Intense, dynamic and spicy

A high intensity coffee featuring maximum Robusta content and maximum roast. Sense the big, heavy undertones of the very dark roasted Robusta / Arabica blend.

Intensity 12: Limited Edition Morning Kickstarter

The latest addition to the range. Taking intense coffee to a new level. The natural robust tones of the Robusta bean with raisin and spicy oak flavours deliver the full-bodied coffee experience. 

Decaf: Full bodied, smooth and balanced

The hidden gem, Decaf is a fully rounded smooth coffee that just oozes quality. 100% Arabica beans from Colombia. Decaffeinated using the chemical free Swiss Water Method

Hot Chocolate: Smooth and Creamy

Blended from the finest ingredients this smooth, creamy, velvety chocolate just melts in the mouth. Super popular with the kiddies.

Caramel Blend: Rich Toffee Flavours

The underlying tones of roasted coffee are balanced with sweet rich caramel flavour. Caramel is the popular alternative to the pure coffee options.

We use the Latest Technology Capsule

The coffee in your cup is as fresh as the day it was roasted. Our coffee is blended and roasted by expert roasters. It's immediately packed into capsules using state of the art machinery under strictly controlled conditions. 

  • Next Generation Capsule Design: ergonomically engineered for improved compatibility and extraction.

  • Optimum Freshness: each capsule is nitrogen flushed and provides the best oxygen barrier for an extended shelf life.

  • Food Safe capsules: both BPA and epoxy derivative free.