Return and Recycle

Recyclable Coffee Capsules & Nespresso® Compatible Pods

As a Kiwi business we are firm believers in ethical business practices, in particular, sustainability. At Coffee Capsules 2U, we don’t just talk the talk; we actually offer a practical, recycling solution for our coffee capsules.

As more and more Kiwis become mindful of their impact on the environment, we believe that it is important, as commercial suppliers of Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules, to offer our customers a legitimate coffee pod recycling option.

When researching options for the recycling of coffee pods, it is important to note a couple of key things:

  • Council recycling processes can't separate capsules out of the waste stream so they go to landfill. That's both recyclable plastics or bio-pods.
  • Bio-pods are certified to compost in industrial composting systems. They will take a while longer to biodegrade in landfill.
The only way to properly recycle your coffee pods is to collect them back for specialist processing.

Watch this video to see the Return and Recycle process in action


Recycling your Nespresso® Compatible Pods

Our unique coffee capsule recycling option is performed right here, in NZ. Designed to be a simple, practical system, it is just as easy as throwing your coffee pods in the bin – just a different bin. When you have finished with your Nespresso® compatible recyclable coffee capsules, simply place your pods in the courier bag provided and send everything back to us via Courier Post. We then get right on with the pod recycling process and helping you do a good thing for New Zealand.

Return and Recycle is an optional extra to your purchase

The decision to recycle your pods is a matter of personal choice. That's why we offer it as an option on our Shop page. After your first purchase the option to recycle will pop up as a reminder when you check out.

It's simple! When you opt to Return and Recycle we ask you to pay a contribution towards a prepaid return courier ticket that we send to you with your order. That starts from as little as $5.50 for people in the Auckland metropolitan area.

We charge for the Return part of our recycle option to reflect the true cost of shipping. We'll definitely keep doing the Recycle bit as a free service because we believe that it is important for businesses to take responsibility for their packaging.

Our Nespresso compatible coffee capsule recycling service provides a legitimate recycling solution for Kiwis who are looking to minimise their environmental impact.

How it works

We process as much as possible of what we send to you for reuse or recycling.

  • Any paper or card packaging is recycled
  • The return courier bag and any other soft plastics used to be put into the soft plastic recycling initiative. Isn't it a shame that they stopped that?
  • The coffee is mechanically separated from the plastic capsule and composted. The compost is used by Patrick and Louise on their Warkworth lifestyle block.
  • The plastic and aluminium foil that make up the capsules is ground into an aggregate that is used in the making of lightweight bricks. This innovative process is at the cutting edge of plastics waste management.

Why We Can Only Recycle Our Capsules

We are trying to create a commercial product from the lightweight bricks that we manufacture. At the moment they are in a weather testing phase. We need to know the plastic composition that makes up our bricks for the results of the test to be valid. This is the reason why we can only recycle our capsules.

What Next?

Try our coffee! You can view our range of coffee on the Shop Page. If you are interesting in the latest deals check out our Discounts & Rewards page. 

Getting started with recycling your capsules is as simple as selecting the Return and Recycle option when you check out.

You can read more details about the process on the Return and Recycle product page.