It's So Easy With Parcel Collect

We've always been about super fast delivery to your door. Our partnership with Courier Post means we can now offer you even better service.

Parcel Collect

Parcel Collect is the latest greatest idea in online shopping.

You can't always be at home to welcome your local courier driver. The dreaded "card to call" is painful. Doorstep theft is an unfortunate growing trend. Parcel Collect simply takes that worry and hassle away!

You can instruct us to send your coffee to one of over 300 handy locations nationwide, including Countdown stores, Wellington Z service stations, NZ Post retailers and Courier Post depots.

Courier Post will let you know when you package is available for collection. Just grab it at a time that suits you.

What You Have To Do

After a little bit of set up with NZ Post you are away.

  • Create an NZ Post account.
  • Select a Parcel Collect address off the map, e.g. your local Countdown. Check it out.
  • Enter your Parcel Collect address as your delivery address when you buy your coffee. Click here to see how to do it.

That's it! You'll get an email when your parcel is ready to be picked up.

Here’s all the details from NZ Post:

Grab Your Coffee When You Go Shopping

Parcel Collect is as easy as popping a few 10 packs in your trolley with the weekly shop.

Why send your money to a global corporate when you can support a staunch as Kiwi business? 

No More Rural Delivery Fees

If you live out in the wops then courier fees can be expensive. No dramas, just arrange a Parcel Collect for next time that you head into town.

It’s Not Only About The Coffee

One of the great things about Parcel Collect is that you can use it for all your online shopping. (Maybe not if you are buying a tractor, see NZ Post for exclusions).

Once you are set up with NZ Post the sky is the limit for your online shopping!

It's Good To Partner With Courier Post

We all own them! Courier Post are part of New Zealand Post. Since 1987, NZ Post has operated as a State Owned Enterprise (SOE) with the NZ Government as the 100% shareholder. 

This means all the good bits like employing Kiwis, investing in local communities and returning profits to shareholders are all done here in New Zealand.