How To Make A Good Kiwi Coffee


Here's the last page of our five part Secret To Good Coffee series.

There are many ways to make a good coffee. The most important method is the one that tastes good for you. Here we define the common cafe style coffees and give advice on how to make them with your Nespresso machine.

Short Black: is an Espresso shot of coffee.

Long Black: An Espresso shot with hot water added to taste. Pro tip: add the hot water to the cup first and then pour the Espresso shot. This will retain the rich thick crema. For an intense long black use a double Espresso or Ristretto shot. Using the long 110ml pour button on your Nespresso machine is a popular option - it can deliver a more bitter taste than the recommended Espresso method - this is due to 'over extraction' of the coffee.

Flat White: An Espresso shot with around 150ml of milk poured straight from your Aerochinno milk frother. Pro tip: take the round spring off the 'whizzer' inside your Aerochinno - this will stretch the milk rather than froth it.

Cappuccino: One part Espresso, one part hot milk, one part frothed milk. Pro Tip: Spoon the froth into the cup and then top up by pouring the hot milk from the Aerochinno.

Cafe Latte: One part Espresso, two parts hot milk, one part frothed milk. Pro Tip: Pour the milk from the Aerochinno using a spoon to hold back the froth then spoon in the froth to top it off.

Cafe Mocha (Mochaccino): One Espresso coffee shot plus a Hot Chocolate capsule made using the Espresso pour. Add hot milk and foam to taste. Pro Tip: try using an Espresso coffee shot with hot chocolate milk.

Espresso Macchiato: an Espresso shot with a dash of foamed milk.

For a larger coffee with milk- try using a double shot

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