Compostable FAQ

What Blends Are Available In The Compostable Capsules?

The compostable capsules are brand new but the coffee inside them is the same good stuff.

To start, we are offering our main coffee blends in the new capsules. That’s Blend 5, 7, 9 and 10.

We’ve also released the new Blend 12. That’s the new name for the Limited Edition Morning Kickstarter.

Where Is Decaf? And Caramel?

We currently plan to release the decaf and caramel blends in early 2020. They are still available in the regular plastic capsule.

What About Hot Chocolate?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to put Hot Chocolate in the new compostable capsules. That may change as the technology improves.

We'll continue to offer Hot Choccie in our regular plastic capsule.

Can I throw the new compostable capsules into my compost at home?

No, unfortunately not. These capsules are certified to break down in industrial compost facilities only.

Are there industrial compost centres nearby me where I can take my capsules?

There are only a few centres across NZ. We recommend googling it and talking to your local council to find out what is happening in your area.

If you are in Auckland, we recommend We Compost.

Or you can choose to use our Courier & Compost program.

Can I throw all my capsules into the courier bag for composting?

No. Only compostable capsules can be taken to the industrial composting centre. Please be considerate of the environment and the people sorting your returned capsules and return only CC2U brand compostable capsules in your courier bag.

Why have you not gone for home compostable capsules?

We would love to choose home compostable capsules but unfortunately we’re still waiting on technology to catch up. Currently there are home compostable capsules in market. The issue is they’re not airtight – which is why they can be composted at home. The air that gets in can make the coffee go stale, quicker. This affects the quality and taste of the coffee. And when you shorten the shelf life of a product, you raise the price even more. We wanted to strike a balance between good price, good quality and good for the environment. We reckon we’ve done that.

Are you ever going to introduce home compostable capsules?

Yes we are! This new capsule is a step towards packaging that has a long shelf life and is home compostable. Our capsule suppliers are working on it right now.

Why do compostable capsules cost more?

It is quite simply the cost of the new capsule. Plastic and aluminium is cheap. Our new capsules are made of a compostable bio-plastic. It's cutting edge stuff and not cheap.

Can I still buy plastic capsules?

Yes you can. We’ll continue to offer our customers a choice as long as there is a price difference.

Can I still use the Return & Recycle program for aluminium capsules?

For the coffee blends? Sorry, no. We are saying goodbye to the Return & Recycle program as composting used pods is a far better solution. Read more about Courier & Compost.

However, we'll keep recycling used Decaf, Caramel and Hot Chocolate capsules until they are released in the compostable capsule. Simply send them back to us with your Courier & Compost package (but please keep them wrapped up nice and separately).