Our compostable capsules are the latest technology. They are made from a plant based bio-plastic and are fully certified as being made from bio-based materials and compostable in industrial facilities. They look good, they’ll work in your machine, they keep the coffee fresh and they’ll taste just great. We can also complete the loop and put them back to nature. Compostable packaging (like our coffee capsules) is tested and certified to compost in large commercially managed facilities. We do not recommend trying to compost your used pods in your home compost heap or a worm farm.


To be a truly worthwhile solution, it's important that our compostable capsules meet the globally accepted certification standards. All components of our capsule are certified Biodegradable, Compostable (industrial composting) and Biobased by TUV Austria.Our capsules comply with the OK BIOBASED and OK COMPOST certifications awarded by TÜV Austria / Vincotte as a finished product. Our capsule is also Aluminium-free; Bisphenol A-free and all components meet all food safety regulations.

Our capsules are certified compostable by the Australian Bioplastics Association under Australian Standard 4736-2006.




We offer New Zealand's only full circle system that processes your used pods here in NZ. From cup to compost, the circle is complete!

We've got some easy as options so that you don't have to sweat about returning your used pods to nature. If you live in the Auckland area, then we recommend getting a Benchtop Caddy from We Compost. Take a big step in the right direction and divert your compostable household waste, like food scraps and coffee pods, away from landfill and into making something good for New Zealand. If you live in a part of New Zealand that has industrial composting collection facilities, and accepts compostable packaging, then you can drop your used pods into that system. If you don’t, then Courier & Compost is the way to go.

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To make sure the bag doesn't compost itself, place your used capsules into a container to dry

Once dry place your capsules inside our biodegradable bag  and seal.

When you are ready cal NZ post on 0800 Courier or book a pick up via this link

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We collect them all up and send them to We Compost – Auckland’s leading compostable waste management company. They arrange for the pods to be correctly composted using industrial composting processes. The compost is then used in the forestry and agricultural sectors.

As a Kiwi business we are firm believers in ethical business practices, in particular, sustainability. At Coffee Capsules 2U, we don’t just talk the talk; we actually offer a practical composting solution for our coffee capsules. As more and more Kiwis become mindful of their impact on the environment, we believe that it is important, as commercial suppliers of Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules, to offer our customers a legitimate solution for their used coffee pods. That used to be recycling our regular plastic capsules. In October 2019, the release of our latest technology compostable capsule allowed us to offer our customers a number of options to return their used capsules back to nature.When considering the recycling or composting of coffee pods, it is important to note a couple of key things:Council recycling processes can't separate capsules out of the waste stream so they go to landfill. That's both recyclable plastics or bio-plastics.Capsules made from bio-plastics are certified to compost in industrial composting systems. They will not biodegrade in landfill - at least not anytime soon. The only way to properly recycle / compost your used coffee pods is to send them to a specialist processor.