Compostable Capsules

A Step In The Right Direction

Compostable Capsules Coming Soon

Our compostable capsules will arrive in September. It's big news - the way of the future in our hands.

We'll offer them as a completely new product line. You'll have the choice of our regular capsules or the new compostables.

Compostable capsules will be the new go to option for those of you who currently choose to Return & Recycle.

We all want a capsule we can flip into our home compost heap. Technically that's still a way away but we will get there. Our new compostable pods are an important step in the right direction. Made from bio-based materials and industrially compostable this new capsule is quite simply the best available on the planet.

The new compostable capsule will require specialist processing called 'Industrial Composting'. It's important that we offer you a way to get your used capsules to a composting facility. That's easy, as we'll just redirect our Return & Recycle and turn it into 'Courier & Compost'. For Auckland customers, we have partnered with We Compost to offer an even better option - they'll collect them from your door.

We'll keep updating this page as the new capsules get nearer to release.

As Good As It Gets

Our new Compostables offer every thing that our plastic capsules do and more!

- Exclusive Patented Biopolymer Technology Made From Renewable Resources

- Certified As Industrial Compostable

- Excellent Oxygen Barrier Keeps Coffee Fresh

- First class In-Cup Pour For The Ultimate Coffee Experience

Introducing Courier & Compost

So how do you get these new capsules to a compost facility?

Turning Return & Recycle into 'Courier & Compost' 

Our Return and Recycle process has been hugely popular for hundreds of Kiwis. So we all know that this idea works a treat.

Buy a return courier bag and ticket when you order and send your used capsules back when you are done. We'll send them off for composting for you.

For Auckland Customers

We've partnered with We Compost - they are Auckland's leading compostable waste collection service. Get a Kitchen Caddy and they'll collect all of your organic and compostable waste right from your door step.

It'll Keep Getting Better

Compostable packaging based around bio-plastics is huge. Globally. We are going to see more and more of it. Why? It's a viable alternative to plastic and people want to buy products wrapped in it. That means consumer demand for compostable packaging and being able to compost will keep increasing. Business is already responding to that demand. Eventually, we expect that central and local government will step up to provide the infrastructure to support composting - like they do with recycling today.


To be a truly worthwhile solution, it's important that our compostable capsules meet the globally accepted certification standards.

All components of our capsule are certified Biodegradable, Compostable (industrial composting) and Biobased by TUV Austria.

Our capsules comply with the OK BIOBASED and OK COMPOST certifications awarded by TÜV Austria / Vincotte as a finished product.

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