Business Direct FAQs

How good is your coffee?

It's right up there with the best. We source our capsules from one of the leading Australian coffee roasting and capsule packing facilities.

We can also help you make any cafe style coffee. Check out the How to Make Good Coffee page to find your personal favourite.

What blends are suitable for an office environment?

Business Direct customers usually order a range of blends that leans more towards the stronger intensities.

For a starter pack we recommend 60 x Blend 5, 60 v Blend 7, 120 x Blend 9 and 60 x Blend 10. Our coffee blends are labelled as an intensity out of 10. You can also add a couple of boxes of the decaf, chocolate and caramel blend.

Find out what is is most popular with your team and adjust your next order from there.

We've got a full description of Our Blends on the website.

Can we get a trial pack?

Sure thing. Click here to view our Sampler Pack offers.

For Free? Probably. Simply ring Patrick (0274 809 507) and knock him out with your amazing story and he'll be only too happy to help.

What are the ways to order?

Business Direct is just that. Phone or email Patrick with your order.

You can use our website to view our products and then place an order directly with Patrick.

What are the ways to pay?

Payment is by Bank Transfer.

Credit Card payments can be made on application. We'll add a 5% credit card surcharge fee.

Can we get credit terms?

We are happy to tailor the payment cycle to your business systems. Pay for your first order up front and then contact Patrick to apply to go on credit terms from your next order.

How does the Minimum Order Quantity work?

We ask that your first order is for a minimum of 300 capsules - that's any mix of blends and flavours. After that you can contact us for top ups of any quantity (please note that for orders under 300 capsules we may charge a shipping fee).

There is no minimum order quantity required each month. Just order more coffee when you need it.

What are the Shipping Fees?

Orders over 300 capsules - free shipping to Metro New Zealand. There is a minimum $5 surcharge for Rural Delivery addresses.

Orders under 300 capsules - we'll pass on the Courier Post fees at cost.

We've got multiple branches. How does that work?

Easy. With Business Direct we can supply each of your sites directly. You can choose a centralised ordering and invoicing system and we'll send the various orders to each of your branches. We can also deal directly with each branch. Please note that we may have to charge shipping fees if we are sending lots of smaller orders to lots of sites.

Can we get a regular repeat order?

Yes. You can ask us to send a regular order without needing to remind us. Or, we can send you a regular reminder email.

How fast is delivery?

Your order is packed immediately and in the next Courier Post collection. Usually, the Courier Post system gets your coffee to you very quickly. 

  • Auckland and Whangarei deliveries are next business day.
  • North Island is one to two business days.
  • South Island takes three business days.
  • Rural Delivery addresses can take up to three additional days.

As with any business, there can be the occasional snag. We monitor each delivery and will contact you if your coffee is looking like it may be delayed.

What are the staff benefits?

All staff, family and friends get a 10% discount on orders for home use. We'll create a discount code that is personalised to your business.

Can we get a GST receipt?

We automatically email an invoice with every Business Direct order. 

Can we recycle our used capsules?

Absolutely. Like you, we want our business to be part of the drive to a more sustainable New Zealand.

We offer New Zealand's only on-shore recycling process. We know that because we recycle the capsules ourselves here in Warkworth.

Check out our Return and Recycle page and watch the video of how we do it.

You can purchase return courier tickets off us. You are also welcome to box up your used pods and use your own courier account to return them to us.

What is the recommended cleaning program for our machine?

An office coffee machine works just as hard as you do. To maintain the taste quality and general hygiene it is important to keep your machine well maintained.

  • Flush some hot water through the machine at least once per day (i.e. a long pour without a capsule in the machine).
  • Clean anything that contains milk at the start, middle and end of each day.
  • Clean the drip tray and canister holder each time that you empty it.
  • Run a cleaning cycle through the machine (called 'descaling') at least once each month. Or about every 300 capsules.

Do you sell machines?

No. The electrical retailers in New Zealand do a great job in offering well priced machines. We are 100% focused on the capsules side of the market.

Got another question?

Contact Patrick and he'll help you out. Mob: 0274 809 507 Email: