Gleam Descaling Tablets


  • Gleam Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets - Exclusive to Coffee Capsules 2U

    We are delighted to announce the release of Gleam. Gleam is a premium quality descaling and cleaning tablet for your coffee machine.

    Each Gleam pack contains two x 15 gram descaling tablets

    It’s a fact! Good mornings need good coffee. It’s also true that the best coffee comes from coffee machines at the top of their game.

    We are now the one stop shop for the good times. You can enjoy your favourite morning coffee knowing that you’re all sorted with with the cleaning power of Gleam.

    Gleam cleaning tablets are very easy to use and are very effective in cleaning your coffee machine. We went all the way to Germany to find Gleam. Gleam cleaning tablets offer the top of the range performance and quality that is expected from the finest European brands.

    You can pour the coffee of your dreams when your coffee machine gleams.

    Gleam Cleaning Tablets Are Not Intended For Human Consumption

    Please read the safety instructions on this page and on the Gleam packaging before using Gleam.