Our Sampler Pack contains a 10 capsule box of each of our four blends. That's 40 capsules for $20 or 50 cents per capsule.

Our Coffee Blends pack offers a range of blends to suit every taste. We label each blend with an intensity out of 10, read more about Our Blends.

  1. Blend 5: Smooth Arabica blend. Ideal for long blacks.
  2. Blend 7: The ideal balance of coffee taste and strength.
  3. Blend 9: Powerful - lots of flavour and lots of body.
  4. Blend 10: A very dark roast offering very strong intense coffee.

Make your Sampler Pack really interesting with the added extras. You can add in a Decaffeinated BlendHot Chocolate or the Caramel Coffee Blend. Or just go for it and add the lot.

Our capsules can be used in any model of Nespresso® coffee machine.

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About Us

Coffee Capsules 2U is an innovative, customer focused, kiwi owned company.

We are here to make it easy for New Zealand coffee capsule drinkers to go good. Our commitment to our customers is to provide good coffee, that’s good value. To offer really good service and put in place good processes that reduce the impact of coffee capsules on the planet.