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Courier & Compost Is An Optional Add On To Your Coffee Purchase

Courier & Compost is a very simple way of making sure that your used compostable capsules are processed correctly and returned to nature.

Simply buy a return courier Bag when you purchase your compostable pods, enjoy your coffee and send your pods back when you are done. Too easy!

Courier & Compost Costs The Price Of A Return Bag

Courier & Compost bags are priced based on where you live in New Zealand.

How It Works

  • We’ll send your coffee in a cardboard box with a compostable return bag inside.
  • Simply take your coffee packs out and keep the return bag.
  • Drop your empty pods in a plastic tub to dry them as you go. Use something like an old ice cream container with the top off.
  • When all done, place the capsules inside the bag and seal.
  • Courier Post will collect the box from your door shortly after you let them know it is ready.

Something That We Learned Very Quickly!

We recommend re-purposing a plastic tub to dry your capsules. If you put hot wet capsules in the green compostable bag then ..... it composts!

What Happens To Your Returned Pods

We collect them all up and send them to We Compost – Auckland’s leading compostable waste management company. They arrange for the pods to be correctly composted using industrial composting processes. The compost is then used in the forestry and agricultural sectors.

Read our blog Introducing We Compost for more details.

Courier & Compost Is For CC2U Branded Compostable Capsules Only

Here’s a really important point. We Compost accept our capsules because they are fully certified as industrially compostable.

We can’t be sure that other brands are certified so returns that have any mix of plastic, aluminium or other brand compostable pods will not be processed and will be sent to landfill. Sorry but them’s the rules in the composting game!