Level 3 - Please Shop Wisely New Zealand

Level 3 - Please Shop Wisely New Zealand

April 27, 2020 1 Comment

We Did It!

The team of 5 million delivered the goods. We nailed the lock down. Let’s take a moment to celebrate.

When us Kiwis are asked to join the scrum, to serve the collective good, we pack down tight and push really hard!

We Still Have A Job To Do In Level 3

We are winning and the goal line is open in front of us. It would be a shame to drop the ball. As Dr. Ashley says “this is a very tricky virus”.

Let’s keep doing the basics, quite simply, “stay contactless, stay safe”. We can squash COVID-19 into the history books.

Now Is The Time That Kiwi Business Will Stand Up

It’s time to restart our economy. There is no doubt that we will.

We will all be amazed by the ingenuity, drive and effort of Kiwi small business.

Whether your role is to stay at home, or get back to work, together we can protect and regenerate our uniquely Kiwi way of life.

Please Shop Wisely, Shop Local

We all get that our economy is being whacked by the COVID-19 shutdown.

Let’s try and put our money back into the hands of Kiwi businesses. They in turn will spend your money in our economy.

It’s all about shopping wisely and that means shopping local.

How We Are Investing Your Money Back In to New Zealand

We are putting your morning coffee money back to work to help grow our economy and protect Kiwi jobs.

We are supporting our much loved Kiwi media companies.

Keep an eye out as you’ll soon see us on the tele and in the paper.

Putting Kiwis Before Profits

We stayed shut for three weeks in the lockdown because it was the right thing to do. We stand with all Kiwis who are doing it tough.

That’s why we took 30% off our compostable range during Level 4.

This week we are reducing our prices by 10% for all products. This offer ends Friday.

Let’s get New Zealand back to work with some good coffee!

No doubts. We’ve done a good job and we should be proud.

It’s time for Kiwi business to take the lead on our recovery.

Let’s get right behind them!

Patrick & Louise

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Janice HodgsonJa
Janice HodgsonJa

April 28, 2020

Welcome back

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