Introducing We Compost

Introducing We Compost

December 01, 2019 2 Comments

We are really excited to be partnering with We Compost - Auckland’s leading commercial compostable waste collection service. They are the good guys who will take care of the capsules that you choose to send back via Courier & Compost.

Courier & Compost is available to all of our customers right across New Zealand.

If you are In Auckland, you can get right into it and arrange for We Compost to collect all of your compostable waste.

Patrick and Louise caught up with Shannon from We Compost to learn all about it.

Tell Us About We Compost

We Compost is a waste collection company that does things a little differently - our aim is to divert as much waste from landfill as possible. We are family-run, NZ-owned and operated and carboNZero certified, with sustainability at our core. It all started out 7 years ago with Steve picking up coffee grinds from central city cafe's one day a week with his old ute, to helping Auckland divert 50 tonnes of compostable waste each week (a number which is always increasing!).

Things Are Going Well Then!

Since 2012 we have diverted over 6 million kilograms of compostable waste and returned it back to the soil, closing the loop on the circular economy of food waste.

What Services Do You Provide?

We provide a compostable bin that our customers keep on-site, they fill it up and we collect it every week. It doesn’t matter if it’s business or home – if it’s compostable then we’ve got it covered.

You can check it out on our website:

We Compost Will Collect Your Used Coffee Capsules And Much More Right From Your Door

What Area Do You Cover?

We service the wider Auckland region from Matakana to Pukekohe.

How Does It Work?

It's easy - just separate your organic waste as you make it! Put all food scraps, compostable packaging and green waste in the bin and we will swing by on a weekly basis to pick it all up!

We Aren’t Just Talking Compostable Coffee Capsules Eh?

We collect all food waste, including meat, bones and dairy, coffee grinds and tea, compostable packaging, green waste and paper-based products like paper towels and napkins.

The Yea Nah Of We Compost - It's A Lot More Than Coffee Capsules

Awesome! So What Happens Next?

Once collected, we take the waste to a commercial composting facility in Tuakau called Envirofert. Here it is mixed with 10 times the amount of green waste, shredded and laid out into big windrow air-assisted piles. Over the course of about 3 months, the waste breaks down into a high-quality compost mix.

What Happens To The Compost?

The final product is distributed to farms and orchards mainly in the Pukekohe and Bombay regions. It’s used in place of petrochemical fertilisers to help nourish the soils and help grow produce for the Auckland region, such as your avocadoes and kiwifruit. Full cycle!

Who Is We Compost-ing?

We have an extremely diverse customer base - everyone creates compostable waste! We collect from domestic residences, offices, schools, kindies, universities, cafes, restaurants, bars, food manufacturers, building sites, medical facilities, dentists, retail shops, community groups and lots of events!

You Are Obviously Going Great Guns, What’s Next For We Compost?

Over the years we have expanded into Supertrash and we are looking into the re-use and recycling of other materials, including glass, metals, plastics, e-waste, polystyrene - all with the same focus on maximising diversion of valuable resources from landfill.

For People In Auckland - How Do They Get Started?

We recommend starting by purchasing a Benchtop Caddy. That’s a handy little bin for your kitchen workspace so that you’ve got something to throw your compostable stuff into right there in front of you. We also supply compostable bin liners.

You can tip your Benchtop Caddy into your collection bin outside. It’s as easy as what you do with your everyday waste – just heaps better!

You can check out our bin hire and collection services here:

How Do People Get In Touch?

We Compost

0800 932667

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There you go New Zealand! We Compost is the Kiwi company that’ll help you enjoy your morning coffee without any environmental concerns.

2 Responses

Bernie Duff
Bernie Duff

June 01, 2022

Hi Guys, well done great idea. I compost all my own garden waste, kitchen veg waste and lawn clippings. Will your compostable capsules compost in my home garden bin?

Judy Eichblatt
Judy Eichblatt

February 19, 2022

Well done guys. Just what we need in Auckland. However, I am concerned about coffee capsules as they are made from aluminium ? or something similar. The coffee grounds remain in the capsule and, obviously, the grounds are great for garden & compost, but don’t tell me you just squash the capsule up as they would never be recycled that way. As we used to be in the fresh roasting coffee business, we will never buy capsules, but it is interesting to hear how you are going to do this. Many thanks.

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