Growing Like Topsy

Growing Like Topsy

July 08, 2022

It may be winter but things are growing like topsy here at Coffee Capsules 2U.

One word to describe it all? New! New coffees, new flavours, new ways of doing things.

We're packing the good morning happiness train chocka full of goodies and will soon be stopping to unload at a station near you.

Can You Guess What It Is Yet?

By popular demand, an old family favourite is back in town. Just in time for winter!

Get your hands on the buzzers ready for the big release Tuesday. We have limited stock so make sure you get in quick next week.

Patrick and Louise Spotted In Christchurch

We've just got back from a lightening trip to Christchurch with Cam. We met with a beloved (and super cool) Kiwi icon who is helping us develop some exciting new ideas. As they say, watch this space! We're doing the mahi for the big new flavour-istic reveal later in the year.

The Need For Speed

Every second counts from the moment you decide to order until your friendly courier is tapping on your door.

Easier to get on our site? Quicker to get what you want? Super fast check out? Orders packed immediately? Even faster delivery?

Yep, you could say all that.

We're going hard at all of it.

What We've Been Up To

There is nothing better than being part of your local community. For us, the Warkworth Golf Club is right at the heart of what we do. We're there every day, whether it's walking Lulu & Katie early in the morning or Patrick & Louise on a hot date emptying the bins on each tee (yes that's true!). And ... Patrick does play a heap of golf.

We recently attended the opening of the Helen Schmidt Memorial Fountain donated by Phil and family in honour of his late wife. These events are always tinged with sadness but also the nice feeling that a good person will always be remembered.


Six years ago we started out wanting to put some personality into your morning coffee.

Haha, you decide how far we have got. But wow! It sure feels like a long way.

Thank you so much for your support.

Stay safe.

Patrick & Louise

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