Good As Gold

Good As Gold

October 07, 2020

Us Kiwis love our winners. The mighty All Blacks are a great example of that.

We’re proud to be the little Kiwi company that’s doing good.

Our success has been built on one thing. You. Sure, the quality of our coffee matters but at the heart of it is people.

People like to know who they are shopping with. We love that our customers can get to know us. To trust us to deliver the goods. To feel good about being part of all the things that we do.

As Warren said to us recently “it’s always as much about the people behind the product as the product itself!”

Thanks To Our Gold Club Members

We’d like to say a huge thanks to our thousands of Gold, Platinum and Diamond tier members. You are the happy folk who have got right into it and kick start each morning with your favourite blend.

We love to get calls and emails from Don in Kaitaia, Sherelle in Hauraki, Kevan in Palmy and to hear from Danny in Dunedin.

Over time you’ve ticked up the loyalty dollars and are now saving 10-15% on our already very good prices. Well good on you and well deserved.

All of you have contributed hugely to our success and we really appreciate it. Our Gold Club is our way of saying thank you. It’s your classic leaning on the fence mates rates deal.

Doing Good Is Going Good

We are your local Kiwi business going hard out to do good for you and good for New Zealand.

We get our coffee from Sydney because it is the best. The capsules, the quality of coffee, the roasters and price are all top of the game. Fair enough.

Every other dollar that you spend is invested right here at home. The good folk that help with things like marketing, packaging, storage and transport can all rip out a good “go the AB’s”. And rightly so too.

We’re about to shoot a TV Commercial because we want to help all Kiwis get into our story. Heaps of Kiwis will be working away to deliver a world class production. Your morning coffee is creating real jobs in our economy – money spent and tax paid – and that’s good for all of us.

Gold Is Easy

Our Loyalty Tier idea is pretty simple, “the more that you drink the more that you save”

Whether you are about to start your journey, or are well on the way, the Gold tier is easy. It’s as simple as starting your day by making a nice coffee and feeling good as your drink it. Repeat as often as required. Too easy!

We’ll keep you up to date as your Loyalty Tier balance builds along the way. You’ll be amazed how quickly you climb the ladder.

You’ll soon be as good as gold!


Patrick & Louise

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