Our COVID-19 Update: 9th April 9:00am

Our COVID-19 Update: 9th April 9:00am

March 25, 2020 2 Comments

Update Thursday 9th April

We Will Remain Closed For the Duration Of The Level 4 Lockdown Period

We Sent A Letter To Phil Twyford And Got A Reply

Two weeks in to lock down and still no word from MBIE. So we emailed Phil Twyford. Here is his reply.

"Only businesses that are essential to the provision of the necessities of life are able to remain open during the Level 4 Alert period. This is a very high threshold. All non-essential businesses must close their premises while the Level 4 Alert is in place".

We will stay shut.

Is that fair whilst other coffee businesses are actively trading online? We don't care.

When the call comes, you stand up and serve your nation.

Click here to read our letter to Phil

Click here to read his reply

Update Monday 6th April

Keep going New Zealand

By doing the right thing we are getting there.

We will win this. We will eliminate Covid-19 in New Zealand. It’s simply a case of doing our job in the team to make sure it only takes the four weeks.

We are approaching half time ahead of the game. Just keep pushing hard out.

We Are Staying Closed

We applied to MBIE on day one of lockdown and are still waiting on their response as to whether we can reopen.

We believe in doing the right thing. We trusted our government to take us onto level 4. We’ll trust them to get us out.

Coffee is important but it’s not truly essential. You can also buy it in the supermarkets. We aren’t going to take any risks with a global pandemic that is killing people.

The bigger picture is to play our part and help get New Zealand into the recovery phase – then you can go back to work and a dollar will be worth something again.

Things are changing very quickly. We are sure we’ll have news one way or another this week.

The Essential Workers Are Our Heroes

Louise and I just want to say thank you to our front-line essential workers.

Our respect and appreciation for your continued sacrifice is a big reason why we stay shut.

You are the heroes. Kia kaha.

When All This Is Over There’s Going To Be A Big Party

Winning the lock down will be an achievement worth celebrating. Forget toilet rolls, there will be panic buying of Neil Diamond LP’s in the Op Shops.

Those of us who did the right thing will be in the middle of the dance floor busting out new moves perfected in isolation.

Those who didn’t will be on the side lines watching a party they wish they could be part of.

Stay home, practice your moves – it’s a party worth waiting for.

We’ll let you know when we restart

We can safely operate under the Level 4 requirements of MBIE.

When we get the nod, we’ll be ready to reopen in minutes.

When we do, we’ll be sending you your personal invite to our party.

Until then – stay home and stay safe – for New Zealand.

Patrick & Louise

Coffee Capsules 2U Is Closed For Orders

Update Friday March 27th

The current Level 4 advice from MBIE is that non-essential businesses should close and there should be no online shopping of non-essential products. Coffee is not defined as an essential product.

Yesterday we submitted a request to MBIE to seek clarification of coffee as an essential item. We also requested permission to reopen - we are a home based business so can operate safely under Level 4 Lockdown.

We think they will say no to both. Coffee can be purchased at supermarkets so why clog up the courier networks with a non-essential item? Fair enough, we support that thinking.

That is why we will remain closed whilst they take the time to reply. They must be pretty busy!

We are doing the right thing. We will not put New Zealanders lives at risk by trying to find a reason to trade.

In these extraordinary times these are some very wise words to help guide us all: 

"After any war, families, communities, if not countries remember those who sacrificed to help, and those who turned away and looked out only for their own interests. This year you get to choose your reputation for the rest of your life."


Stay home, stay safe.

Patrick and Louise

Update Thursday March 26th

News reports overnight tell us that MBIE have decided to reduce online shopping to essential items only. We wholly support that decision and are closed.

The website remains open for viewing. You are welcome to make a purchase but please note that your order will not ship until we are allowed to resume business.

Please support our stance and our governments ability to make good decisions. To beat this thing we have to follow the rules. There are no workarounds or grey areas in life and death. It really is that serious.

Patrick & Louise

Update Wednesday March 25th

We hope that you and your family are safe and well prepared for the Level 4 lock down that starts at midnight tonight.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is working with the government to decide if online retail can continue through the lock down period.

We have decided to shut Coffee Capsules 2U at 3:00pm today (Wednesday). We will stay closed until MBIE has had the time to make the right decision.

We may be shut for a few hours, we may be shut for the full lock down period. Who knows? What we do know is that this approach is absolutely the right thing to do for our country.

New Zealand, we will get through this. And when we do, Coffee Capsules 2U will be immediately ready to get back into it.

These extraordinary times are not about the survival of any individual business. Now is about the ongoing welfare of our nation. We implore all Kiwis to play their part to help make sure that this lockdown period is as short as possible. Stay home, stay safe, be kind.


Patrick & Louise

March 25th


Here’s the quote behind our decision

"We are doing further work on online ordering of non-food products for home delivery to see if this type of retail can be conducted safely. We will update advice on this once further decisions are made."

MBIE Deputy Chief Executive Paul Stocks

2 Responses

Frances Mills
Frances Mills

March 27, 2020

And it’s precisely because you are the people you are, with the values you demonstrate, that your business will survive this. Thank you for being awesome. I’ll be back! Kia kaha and see you on the other side.

Laura smith
Laura smith

March 25, 2020

Good luck team hope it turns out well! As far as I’m concerned coffee is life so hope to see you back up and running soon

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