Compostable Capsules – Where Your Used Pods Go

Compostable Capsules – Where Your Used Pods Go

September 01, 2020

Courier & Compost is the number 8 wire solution for natures little happiness pills.

It’s so simple. When you choose to return your used compostable pods to us, we make sure that they get composted the right way.

Its New Zealand’s only full circle recycle / compost option for used coffee capsules that gets processed right here in New Zealand. No massive amounts of carbon required to ship your used pods offshore and burn them into something else. We just drop them on the ground – literally!

I Can’t Compost Them At Home?

Unfortunately not. The coffee and lids will compost at home however the bio-plastic that makes up the capsule requires industrial composting.

Home compostable products are starting to appear. That's more soft plastics like wrappers. A bio-plastic that can perform under the pressure of your Nespresso machine, pour a good coffee, and then jump in your garden compost heap and disappear – well that’s still being developed.

That’s why Courier & Compost is the way to go for now.

So Where Are My Used Capsules?

Quite simply, you are standing on them.

Composting your used capsules here in New Zealand means that they are returned to New Zealand soils. Chur ….

NZ's Compostable Triangle | Coffee Capsules 2U - We Compost - Envirofert | Putting Good Back Into Our Soils

It is totally acceptable behaviour to get excited about a picture of the back of a composting truck.
Here are your little goodies on the way to the compost disco.

Kiwis Doing Good For New Zealand

We like to make a huge shout out to the good folk at We Compost. They are the waste recycling company that connects us consumers to the composters. We love this Kiwi business that turns our muck into food for our soils and jobs for New Zealanders.

Heaps of responsible Kiwi businesses rely on the great work of Envirofert – the people that put the “industrial” into composting. This Tuakau based business is a shining light into a more sustainable future.

You know, saving the planet isn’t about getting on RNZ and saying what should happen – it’s good hardworking Kiwis like Steve and Paul and their teams who get out there every day and just do it. They deserve our applause and support, so why not give it?

If you live in the wider Auckland area, then we recommend the Benchtop Caddy from We Compost. Create jobs for Kiwis with your organic household waste! 

Join The Good Guys Today

It’s easy. Simply select your preferred coffee blends in the compostable capsules next time that you shop. On the way to check out you can opt into the Courier & Compost service. All you pay for is the return courier ticket and we’ll take it from there.

Watch Patrick explain what to do with your capsules once they arrive.


We help make it easy to go good.

Patrick & Louise

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