Answering The Big Questions

Answering The Big Questions

May 09, 2019 2 Comments

Every online shopper loves to discover a new website. It’s exciting to have your hands on a great new idea or possibly save a few dollars.

Whatever the product, the big questions always remain the same. In this blog we answer them straight up.

What is it? And, is it any good?

If you are looking for capsules for your Nespresso® machine then park the Torana Trev! You are in the right chip shop.

When it comes to suppliers, we nailed it with our mates over in Sydney. High quality coffee, roasted by experts and packed into a global capsule technology in state-of-the-art facilities. Yup, good as!

The “Yea Nah” is all about what you think. We’ve been selling our capsules for over three years and are growing like topsy. It's gotta be good stuff and our customer reviews tell you it is.

What does it cost?

For our coffee blends – 50 cents per capsule – that’s our everyday price. Decaf and Flavours cost a little bit more.

Every purchase becomes part of our Loyalty Tiers programme. We reward you for every dollar that you spend with us so that you can save even more.

If you are a Kiwi business, there is no better pricing than Business Direct.

What’s the shipping fee?

Free shipping for any order of 120 capsules or more. (from about $60).

Free shipping on your first purchase – no matter how much you order.

If you do pay shipping then we simply pass the cost of the Courier on to you.

Who are these guys?

We’re Patrick and Louise based in Warkworth. We are a proud small Kiwi business taking on the big fellas. And winning.

You can’t beat a couple of Kiwis scurrying around in the undergrowth with a ripping good product under one wing and can do attitude under the other. You’ll love our homegrown personal service.

What else should you know?

We work hard to do good for New Zealand. Our Return & Recycle option has kept hundreds of thousands of used capsules out of landfill. In a few months we’ll release our Compostable capsules.

And then there is the cool stuff, like our Limited Edition Coffee range. The Intense Morning Kickstarter is on its way to launch caffeine rockets into your Kiwi kitchens this winter.

So what’s the next step?

Check out our range of Sampler Packs. Find the blends that you like and join heaps of Kiwis who are on to a winner.


Patrick & Louise

2 Responses

Barry Gatehouse
Barry Gatehouse

July 08, 2019

Hi Patrick how do I go about getting recycling bags for returns? Thanks Bazza

Sandi Childs
Sandi Childs

May 17, 2019

Love the coffee, love the price, love that your kiwis and definitely love the service. You have us for life. 😊

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