An Update On Courier Deliveries

An Update On Courier Deliveries

May 11, 2020

What’s Happening

The lockdown period has seen a fundamental shift as Kiwis switch to shopping online.

It’s the perfect storm. A tsunami of packages was released into the courier networks when we went to Level 3. That volume has continued. Safe distancing requirements at the regional processing centres is slowing things down.

What That Means For Your Coffee Package

A lot of courier packages are being delivered in good time but there are also delays.

  • 50% of packages will arrive as normal.
  • 40% of packages will arrive within 2-3 days of expected delivery.
  • 10% will be delayed. Most for a few more days, others possibly longer.

Beat The Rush. Order Early!

What Is Being Done About It

NZ Post is throwing the might of our national postal service at the problem. More capacity is being added every day. The processing centres are working 24/7 to process your packages and couriers are working 7 days a week delivering them.

You can read more from NZ Post on their response:

It Will Sort Itself Out Soon

When / if we move to Level 2, Kiwis will do more retail shopping and a little less online.

Rapidly increasing capacity means the couriers networks will catch up.

You Order, We Pack

We are sending your coffee orders on the same day if received before 4:00pm.

Evening orders are on the next morning pick up.

The sooner your coffee is on the way then the quicker it will get to you.

We Are Watching Every Package

Rest assured that we track every single package that we send.

We talk to Courier Post every morning about them.

If there are delays then we’ll keep in touch so that you know we are on to it.

What You Can Do

Order early! Sidestep the delays by getting your next coffee order on its way early.

You can keep an eye on your package using the tracking number on your Shipping Confirmation email.

You can turn on tracking updates, add delivery instructions or redirect your parcel.

Keep an eye out for a recent “scan” – that tells you that your package is moving.

Feel free to get in touch at any time if you have any questions.

Are Some Couriers A Better Option Than Others?

Yes, absolutely.

Courier Post are part of New Zealand Post. We use them because they have the largest most extensive courier network in the country. They cover every kilometre of NZ – really fast.

Without question, they will be the first to process this volume spike and get back up straight.

A Thumbs Up

There have been many heroes in our lockdown period; front line health workers, the services, essential workers, those working in supermarkets.

Our courier drivers are working their backsides off to keep New Zealand moving. Let’s be kind, let’s give them a wave and thumbs up when we next see them.

Thank You

These are our new-normal times. For a little while at least.

We appreciate your support and understanding in this period.

Patrick & Louise

A Thank You From Patrick & Louise

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