2017: The Year Ahead

2017: The Year Ahead

January 25, 2017


We kicked 2017 into gear by have a really good think about what was important to us. How do we make "we do good for you" real? How do we genuinely and authentically connect with our customers to help them feel good? Good starts with your morning coffee but it is also about offering much more than that. These questions are at the heart of any honest business and we talk about it in this blog.

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What is good?

Richie McCaw is an example of a great New Zealander. Why? He goes hard out and leaves nothing behind and we find it easy to associate with his obvious goodness. Richie helps us feel good about ourselves and about our country. In sport, community or business, being good is about doing stuff that helps others simply because it is the right thing to do. Good is actions not words. And doing good is what we are about.

Before anything else, it’s really important to us that we are an ethical and Kiwi focussed business at the value end of the Nespresso® compatible coffee market. Nespresso® are great but when you look for an alternative you want to know that there are some good people looking after your interests. That’s us. One of the decisions that we made was to continue our commitment to our personalised service. We’ll make “we do good for you” real, every day, just like Richie does.

We were truly humbled by some of your emails over the Christmas break. People who took a moment to say “hey, we appreciate how hard you are working for us, keep it up”. And that vibe is continued in our Facebook Reviews. Your feedback gives us heaps of energy to help us go even harder in 2017.

Doing Good

Our new blend of decaffeinated coffee arrived in early January. You told us that you wanted a decaf option so we went and got it. Our roasters got this blend spot on and it is very good.

We’ll soon be releasing a range of natural body care products made by a local artisan lady here in the Mahurangi. The really cool thing is that they’ll be infused with our coffee.

Your response to our Return and Recycle is frankly off the scale. Industry standard metrics for how many people choose to recycle have been absolutely blown away. Cool! Our work here means that we are in a great position to keep innovating. We are in the midst of an R&D project that will be another leap forward - we hope to tell you about it soon.

Have you got your ticket yet to the Auckland Coffee Festival on March 4th? Come and see our amazing stall made from the very pallets our coffee was delivered on. Be part of good in action; make yourself a coffee in our Kiwi bach, look at our view and our market garden and then get hands on recycling a capsule. And we’ve got heaps of cool things for you to take away. We are proud to say that our expert build team are donating their labour and we’ll be donating to Hospice in recognition of their efforts.

Mention this Blog at the Auckland Coffee Festival and we’ll give you a free Decaf taster pack.

As we continue to grow we need a little more help and we are starting to employ people in our local community. That investment back into New Zealand will continue throughout 2017. We stay a brand committed to New Zealand, we won’t sell out to a global conglomerate.

Invest in good in 2017

We genuinely authentically stand behind "a good morning needs good coffee and good coffee should go hand in hand with good value". Your decision to purchase your coffee capsules from us is all we need to help us keep investing in a coffee option that is good for you and good for New Zealand.

We wish you a very happy and prosperous 2017.

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