Compostable Pods Are Here

Compostable Pods Are Here

September 19, 2019

Wahoo! Our new compostable capsules are now available to purchase. Here’s some helpful information on the whole composting shebang.

What Are They?

Our new compostable capsules are the latest technology. They are made from a plant based bio-plastic and are fully certified as being made from bio-based materials and compostable in industrial facilities.

They look good, they’ll work in your machine, they keep the coffee fresh and they’ll taste just great. We can also complete the loop and put them back to nature.

What Will They Cost?

Compostable pods cost a little bit more and that’s simply because, at this stage, bio-plastics cost a bit more. Traditional petro-chemical based plastics are really cheap and do a good job keeping food fresh. Our decision to move to more environmentally conscious alternatives will come at a cost. There’s just no getting around that.

What Blends Will Be In Compostable Capsules?

The compostable capsules will be new but the coffee inside them will be the same good stuff.

To start, we’ll offer our main coffee blends in the new capsules. That’s Blend 5, 7, 9 and 10.

We’ll also release the new Blend 12. That’s the new name for the Limited Edition Morning Kickstarter.

At some stage in the future we’ll release the decaf and caramel blend.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to put Hot Chocolate in the new compostable capsules.

Why Now?

Compostable packaging technology is now very good, the price isn’t too bad and there is a real demand for it.

We’ve been excited to learn that the new capsules are selling like hotcakes all over the world and really are the bees knees.

When you buy compostable capsules you are making a positive step in the right direction. It’s an important step towards a food grade plastic that is home compostable. The might of European industry is working away on home compostable bio-plastics and they will get there relatively quickly.

What Do I Do With The Used Pods?

Our capsules are certified as industrially compostable – that means you have to send them to a specialist processing centre for them to be correctly composted.

We’ve developed a partnership with the cutting edge waste company We Compost to make sure we continue to offer you an option for your used pods. For people in Auckland, we highly encourage you to get onboard with the We Compost home collection service. You’ll be able to send them a heap of the waste your household generates every day.

You can read more in our blog Introducing We Compost.

Can I Still Buy Plastic Capsules? And Can I Recycle Them?

You’ll still be able to buy our regular plastic capsules. That won't change as long as there is a price difference between them and the compostables. That just makes perfect sense.

From 1st October you’ll no longer be able to buy Return & Recycle tickets with your regular plastic capsules. It's time to shut our plastic recycling process down and move forward to the much better composting system.

We’ll introduce Courier & Compost for those of you who would prefer to send your used compostable pods back to us. It’ll be as simple as the old system but even better.

Read more in our Courier & Compost Blog

Why Coffee Capsules 2U?

Coffee Capsules 2U is Patrick & Louise. We are a small Kiwi business; we’ve been doing good since 2016 and you can trust us. Here’s two really important points about what we do.

  1. We’ll continue to offer the best value
  2. We’ll always be committed to doing the right thing for New Zealand

What that means is we’ll help you get the best product in your kitchen at the right price. You can be confident that Patrick and Louise, and our proven track record, will see you right.

Our capsules do what they say on the tin. We won’t green wash (i.e. tell porkies about our green credentials). As sustainable packaging becomes more common place, it’s important that you can trust that what you are buying is a step in the right direction. Read our Learning The New Compostable Speak blog for more details.


Right now, you can jump on board and help us nudge the dial in the right direction. How good is that!

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